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CRU’s Forensics Educational Purchase Program

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CRU has developed a purchasing program for higher educational institutions that offer advanced education and training in the field of computer forensics.

Educational institutions that are eligible for the CRU FEPP program receive a variety of benefits.  In addition institutions are eligible to have industry recognized experts and active practitioners, in the field of computer forensics, provide seminars, educational opportunities and presentations.

Faculty and students receive a discount along with a quarterly newsletter offering new product information, upcoming events and technology advances from the forensics and eDiscovery fields.

Sign up here to receive the quarterly newsletter and other benefits. You can also contact us at to get additional information on the program.

We look forward to supporting your higher educational institution for computer forensics tools and data storage solutions. If you have questions about the Forensics Educational Purchase Program or would like to discuss the benefits of the program with a representative please call us at +91-9716638340.

Faculty or student status must be verified before discounts are offered. Contact for quotes and purchases.

Discounts available for the following:

Description MSRP Price#
31306-2409-0000 Forensic Ultradock V4 $219.00 $99.00
31353-3209-0000 Forensic Ultradock V5 $279.00 $199.00
31300-0192-0000 USB Writeblocker $199.00 $99.00
35101-3130-0000 RTX100-3Q (External Drive Enclosure) $139.00 $99.00
35221-2530-0001 RTX220-QJP (Dual Drive Enclosure, JBOD) $399.00 $299.00
31551-0109-0000 Drive Erazer Ultra $249.00 $149.00
31361-3209-0000 Forensic Combo Dock V5 $299.00 $219.00

#Customs duty, Freight and local taxes extra.