Ditto Forensic FieldStation

Professional Forensic FieldStation for Data Analysis and Capture

Forensic Field Imaging Kit

Portable and powerful

The hand-held Ditto Forensic FieldStation travels with you or a technician for use in creating disk clones and images. Configure and manage via network or on the unit itself. The Ditto FieldStation also helps you log user activity and maintain your chain of custody while using forensic (write-blocked) methods.

Flexibility and speed via browser-based interface

An easy-to-use web browser interface supports remote operation via network or VPN, providing access to Ditto configuration, user administration and user rights, as well as direct operation of Ditto cloning and imaging operations. This time- and money-saving capability speeds time to data capture, as well as allows organizations to optimize staffing and deployment.

Create logical and physical images in the field

The built-in menu system makes it easy to configure and perform forensic captures of selected files–without an attached computer. Generate complete listings of drive or file system contents to facilitate discovery.

Suspect Inputs (write-blocked)

Ditto supports many write-blocked inputs: SATA, eSATA, PATA, USB2.0. Additional acquisition interfaces are available via expansion modules such as SAS and USB 3.0 connectivity.

Destination Outputs

Dual SATA simultaneously with same performance as one, eSATA (single, dual and mirrored). Images can also be output to large volumes, including network destinations or portable RAID enclosures.

Data Acquisition Modes

Clone, DD, E01 with MD5 or SHA-1 hashing. Ditto also offers a combined mode that captures a clone and DD (to different destination drives) in a single pass reading of the suspect drive.

Complete and Secure Erasure

Ditto is capable of sanitizing drives with preset erase modes or a user configurable pattern.

Water-resistant, dust-proof Pelican® custom carrying case available

Forensic Field Kit Description
 Forensic Field Imaging Kit Highly portable case for quick analysis of loose media

  • Includes a Ditto, Media Write Blocker, and DVD reader
  • Soft-side case includes two slots for adding pocket drives for target storage
  • Allows on-site access to SATA drives, PATA drives, eSATA storage devices, USB devices, SD cards, CompactFlash cards, Memory Sticks, CDs, and DVDs
 HardCase Forensic Field Kit Field Kit comes with Pelican 1450 case with custom foam and slots to safely house and transport:

  • A Ditto Forensic FieldStation
  • Power supply and accessories
  • Four Ditto Expansion Modules
 Forensic Field Collection Kit Custom forensic tool kits to protect and transport your devices and adapters

  • Convenient and safe transportation
  • Up to four Dittos®
  • Power supply, accessories
  • Five Ditto Expansion Modules (or a mix of modules and UltraDocks)
  • Rugged Pelican case
  • Unique configurations


  • Discover, preview, and image files from hard drives and network file systems
  • Physical Imaging of complete hard drives
  • Logical Imaging of selected files from hard drives and network file systems
  • Fully networked remote operation
  • Replaces laptop or other host machine during data acquisition
  • Web browser interface allows for full configuration, management, and operation via network or VPN.
  • Images from and writes to network locations, one or two SATA drives, or one or two eSATA mass storage devices
  • Creates standard ‘dd’ or E01 disk images, commonly used for forensic analysis
  • Simplifies forensic ingestion and lessens chance for mistakes that can occur in repetitive tasks
  • Automatically logs activity that can be saved along with case information
  • Rugged, all-metal, fan-free construction
  • Outputs to SATA Disks: Can create two clones or images in a single pass, or clone to one drive while imaging to another at the same time, reducing overall project time when multiple copies are required
  • Image, clone or browse many types of source devices, including SATA, IDE, USB, iSCSI, or LAN
  • LCD menu system with four soft-touch buttons for easy configuration and status monitoring
  • Available as a Field Kit in a Pelican storage case

Ditto SAS Expansion Module

Quickly add write-blocked SAS to a Ditto Forensic FieldStation

  • Extends functionality of the Ditto Forensic FieldStation by adding SAS connectivity
  • Easy to connect, easy to use, nothing to configure

Ditto USB 3.0 Expansion Module

Quickly add write-blocked USB 3.0 to a Ditto Forensic FieldStation

  • Extends functionality of the Ditto Forensic FieldStation by adding USB 3.0 connections
  • Easy to connect, easy to use, nothing to configure


For more information please see the Ditto Overview Slides