Faraday Enclosures

A Faraday cage (sometimes called a Faraday shield, RF cage or EMF cage) is a shielded enclosure formed by conducting material or by a mesh of such material.  The enclosure is like a sealed tin can; it keeps the electromagnetic fields inside, and blocks the entry of external electric fields and radio frequency waves.

RF Shielding Bags Aren’t Just for the Police

 Off the Grid GPS Location Fall Off the Grid
Your phones GPS might be off, but depending on phone settings, location reporting can still take place.  When you use a faraday bag, RF signals are cut off and location tracking is no longer a possibility.
 Voicemail Recording No More “Straight to Voicemail”
Phones report back to the phone company before shutting down sending calls straight to voicemail.  When signals are blocked by a faraday bag, calls will ring through like normal.