USB Isolation Bag

USB-Isolation-Bag by Secure IndiaThe Forensic Examination Pouch  gives the law enforcement community the means to secure and manipulate wireless devices.  The USB 2.0 connection on the input/output plate allows the connection of a secured device to a forensics computer in the field or in the lab.

Forensic Examination Pouch with SFi’s capacitve sensing technology works with any portable wireless device including Smartphones.

  • Isolation pouch with mesh screen, filter plate and double fold hook and loop closure system.
  • Touch Screen Manipulation Insert.
  • USB A to B Cable, 1 Meter (length), for external connection.
  • USB A to Micro B, 0.5 Meter (length), for internal connection, supports most devices.
  • 10 Wireless Evidence Cards
  • Weather resistant carry bag
  • Directions for Use