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Audio Analysis

New EZ Forensics Filter-Not all users of our products are highly trained experts with years of high level experience. Now, an operator simply answers questions like, “are there single or multiple talkers?”, “Is there background noise? Muffled speech?”, etc. Next the program offers several solutions for the problem and the operator simply selects from the list of possibilities and starts to preview. Normally the program offers 4 “answers” to the forensic problem and the operator can preview the results with each of them in seconds.

Improved Adaptive Filter-DC Live/Forensics boasts a brand new approach to our Classic Time Domain Adaptive Filter. The filter is now dramatically more effective in separating speech from background noises – even, in some cases, from music. It’s also now easier to use with a new logarithmic Filter Length slider. This makes it much easier to find the “sweet spot” when previewing. Also included in a new display item that shows a time offset in milliseconds when using a second channel as a reference channel.

Scrolling Display Scroll the waveform horizontally during play. Basically, your zoomed display will redraw with a new screen of waveform data whenever the play cursor reaches the right side of the window. If you are zoomed in a lot, the waveforms will animate similar to an oscilloscope display.

Comprehensive Database Storage-DC Live/Forensics offers the ability to change the headers in the database to reflect your mode of operations. Quickly search “Case Numbers”, “Clip Names”, etc. to help you catalog and find your audio clips.

New CD Burner Capability with Disc at Once, Data Disc Mode and CD-Text-Our new built in burning capability makes it easy to create all the types of discs that you might need. You can make both audio and data CDs in Track At Once or Disc At Once modes. You can specify the time between audio tracks in an audio CD. You can even make DVDs and burn Wave Files or MP3s or any type of file to the discs. CD-Text is also supported in this release.

Hi Def Spectrum Analyzer-When we do an audio forensic analysis, one of our most important tools in the Spectrum Analyzer. LIVE/Forensics now includes a new, fully re-implemented, high precision Spectrum Analyzer that can zoom to narrow frequencies with higher resolution, display a much larger range of frequencies and even save an older trace file so that you can compare it with a current trace file

Hi Def Wave Making Capability-If we can study signal to a fraction of a Hz, shouldn’t we be able to create them? The new Make Waves function allows you to create fractional frequency waveforms. To create them, just type in the frequency you want, such as 60.01 Hz.

High Definition Spectrogram Helps Find Edits- DC Live/Forensics now offers a High Definition Spectrogram that is not only capable of performing traditional voice print analysis work, but also can help find edits, dual power signatures and other spectral anomalies in an audio file.

Spectral Inverse, Copy, and Difference filters (in the Spectral Filter) One of the most exciting new features in DC Live/Forensics is, in fact, a whole set of new features. The Spectral Filter now is not only a super EQ with up to 32,000 bands, it now sports several new modes that will make it very useful with forensic recordings.

Spectral Inverse mode measures the amount of energy throughout the frequency spectrum in the recording and automatically creates a filter which tends to equalize the energy in all frequencies to a reference contoured shape – such as one that corresponds to human speech. This will be the “go to” filter for muffled voice or where speech clarification is needed.

Spectral Copy allows you just sample the spectral characteristics of a reference file and impose them on a different file. For example, you can sample the spectral characteristics of a button “click” on a recording from a cockpit and then impose this on a file in order to make the button clicks easier to hear in a target file. Thus the signal in the first file is use to augment the signal in another file.

Spectral Difference allows you to take two recordings that have different spectral characteristics (such as one on tape and one digital) and make them sound the same. The Spectral Filter also is now adaptive! Just click the Auto-Sample checkbox and the program will frequently resample as it moves along through a file, thus adapting as the file changes.

Scrubbing-You can manually control the speed and direction of playback in real time with your mouse. Scrub play makes it easy to focus on an audio segment and hear it at various speeds.

Higher resolution spectral filter offering a 32,000 band EQ!: Filter sizes up to 65526 bands are now properly supported.

Improved time domain adaptive filter: The stability has been greatly improved and the Normalized version of this filter is dramatically faster, especially at very large filter sizes.

Popular Formats Supported. After you remove the noise and enhance your recordings, you can save to MP3, WMA, and even direct to CD

Tune Library Organizes Your Collection. You can organize files by case, by investigator, even by time if you want! All files will be presented in one easy to use display and you can play, edit or burn them at any time.

The World’s Best Tools! There’s a good reason that law enforcement agencies (that can afford any tools available) use our products for their Audio Forensics. Simple…they’re the best!

DC Live/Forensic 7 contains dozens of enhancements to existing tools – new anti-artifact mode, new higher resolution FFT sizes, new impulse filters which are even more effective on cell noise, and much more!

30 Band Graphic EQ For precise but easy to use equalization.

Flashback LIVE Review Excellent for surveillance work. If you are monitoring during live recording and need to quickly review, you simply hit the Flashback Rewind and you can re-listen, clarify the recording and even enhance the portion in question while the system continues recording without interruption.

Real Time Coefficient Display Added To The Adaptive Filter Now you can visually monitor the effects of the Adaptive filter and visually reaffirm the process as it marches through your file.

Batch File Processing Got 1000 files on your hard drive that you need to clean and enhance? Just select them all, tell Diamond Cut Millennium what processing you need, and it will process them all in one session. What will you do with all of your free time?

Dual Stream Recording Added To LIVE Feedthrough Now, when you record in LIVE Feedthrough mode, you can record 2 streams of audio. One is the raw, unedited audio while the other is filtered however you desire. This is an important backup when presenting your audio as evidence to prove that it hasn’t been tampered with.

Time Domain Adaptive Filter and Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter These 2 new features help the software become “smarter” as it “listens” to your audio and applies its filters.

Legendary Technical Support Our products are easy to use, but we not only offer free technical phone and email support, but also provide a thorough manual, Getting Started Guide, and even have DVDs that walk you through the process of audio restoration and enhancement. You can learn this in minutes…and we’ll help!

Artifact Suppression In Continuous Noise Filter This new technology reduces the aliasing and artifacting that sometimes affects the quality of the sound when you’re pushing the Continuous Noise Filter to its limits. As you increase the power and amount of filtering on a tough file, in the past, you could generate new noise called artifacting. This machine-like ghosting was quite annoying and we’ll be very happy to see it showing up much less in our restorations. Artifact suppression mode helps you push the Continuous Noise Filter harder without yielding these disturbing results!

Narrow Crackle Filter We love new tools…especially tools that cover a category that wasn’t covered before. Many times during restoration, you come across tiny clicks that lie just beneath the surface of your good audio that are hard to eliminate with standard click removal techniques. We saw these lemons and made lemonade with our new Narrow Crackle Filter. After the Standard or Easy Impulse filters have done their jobs, a new step will be the Narrow Crackle Filter that cleans up the minute clicks you used to have to live with.

Impulse Filter Enhancements We’ve improved just about every facet of our Impulse filters and you’ll notice enhancements down the line with every slider you move…but most importantly, we’ve added a new checkbox that makes special consideration for brass and strong vocal passages that used to confuse the filters and remove good audio. With this new enhancement, you can push the Impulse filters to new heights and achieve even better results over competing products.

Stretch And Squish Redesign Our time compression and expansion filter has been upgraded in the same way you blink your eyes and your Ford Taurus becomes a Mustang Fastback! Now you can make major changes to both speed and pitch of your audio files with no discernable difference in quality. Where the old time compression expansion tool was effective with only about a 10% increase or decrease in speed, you’ll be amazed with what you can achieve using the new guy. Even if you’ve never used this tool before, you must try it…if nothing else but for the “giggle factor”.

CD Making Now Included Now you can make CDs with our Easy to use Drag and Drop System

Variable Frequency Mode Added to Punch and Crunch Multiband Dynamics Processor

Symmetrical Third Order Crossover Added To Punch and Crunch Reduces Crosstalk Between Bands Increased Range of Adjustability For the Dynamics Processor Attack and Release Makes A More Useful Noise Gate

Improved Frequency Ranges in Making Waves Added Ultrasonic Range (100 kHz)

Increased Multi-filter to 20 Filters More power for complex restoration and enhancement jobs

Increased Presets Now over 1270 Included!

Keep Residue Mode Added to Additional Filters Median and Average

CD Ripper Can Rip All Files to One Track Makes it easier for processing full CDs worth of like material