Black Hole Faraday Bag


All Black Hole Faraday Bags now use QUAD LAYER shielding technology, significantly enhancing their shielding. Our window bags (above cutaway) include two transparent faraday layers and two non-transparent faraday layers, while our non-window bags include four non-transparent layers. 

Quadlayer Faraday Bag

What Does 75dB+ Shielding Mean?  
It means an iPhone 5S or similar late-model phone remains shielded inside of our bags when placed under a cell tower or near a Wifi router* It means our bags have achieved an unprecedented level of shielding!
It will block below mentioned signals which can alter the evidence value:
  • GPS Signals
  • Wi-Fi Signals
  • Cell Network Signals
  • RFID Signals
  • Bluetooth Signals