Magnet Forensics

Secure India is the Gold Partner (Distributor) of Magnet Forensics and helping customers to supply efficient services.

Magnet Forensics formerly known as JADsoftware when it was born. At the time, evidence recovery tools were poor or non-existent, so Saliba (CTO of Magnet Forensics) decided to put his programming skills to use after-hours and build his very own data recovery software called Internet Evidence Finder (IEF). IEF allowed Saliba to combine his technical and policing skills. 

Now referred to simply as ‘IEF’ by thousands of customers in the world’s top law enforcement, government, military and corporate organizations, Internet Evidence Finder helps recover evidence like instant messaging chats, social media artifacts and web history to support a wide variety of cases and investigations from child exploitation, to terrorism and intellectual property theft.