Forensic Field Kit (Fastbloc)

Forensic Field Kit includes a tough water-resistant Pelican case, custom foam, a Forensic ComboDock v4, a ComboDock v4, a Forensic Notebook DriveDock v4, an adapter for SATA drives, a FireWire 800 CardBus card, and cable accessories. It also features extra slots for adding up to 16 hard drives (ten 3.5-inch and six 2.5-inch), three v4 Combo Adapters, two DriveDocks, and another CardBus card. These tools will allow you to acquire data in the field from a variety of hard drives, including 2.5- & 3.5-inch PATA or SATA drives.


Comes with:

  • Forensic Field Kit – includes Forensic UltraDock and Combo Adapters for 2.5-inch, 1.8-inch, ZIF, DOM, & flash drives
  • v4 Combo Adapter for IDE/PATA 2.5-inch notebook drives (and some 1.8-inch drives)
  • v4 Combo Adapter (in 3 parts) for a variety of media: PCCARD, CF, Memory Stick, SD, MMC
  • v4 Combo Adapter for 1.8-inch Toshiba drives (used in many iPods)
  • v4 Combo Adapter for 1.8-inch Hitachi ZIF drives
  • v4 Combo Adapter for 1.8-inch Toshiba ZIF drives (used in many newer iPods)
  • v4 Combo Adapter for Disk-on-Module (DOM) flash disks
  • Forensic UltraDock, FW800/FW400/eSATA/USB, write-blocked access to IDE or SATA drives, US type plug, CoOUSA
  • USB WriteBlocker; Inline USB pass-through device; blocks writes to attached USB devices