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Hard Drive Imager for Data Recovery

  • Fast disk-to-disk duplication (up to 5.1 GB/minute)
  • Data-only duplication* (*NTFS only; FAT, HFS to be added in future releases)
  • Case Management System
  • Disk-to-disk imaging
  • Disk-to-file imaging (DD Image with optional MD5 hash calculation)
  • Disk-to-host imaging over 10/100/1000 Ethernet port (up to 80 MB/s)
  • Multi-pass data recovery imaging
  • Reverse imaging
  • Fully customizable bad-sector handling
  • Pause/resume session any time
  • Email notifications for imaging status
  • Power control
    • Atola DiskSense takes full control over the hard drive’s power.Both units have protected power source for attached hard drives and will withstand any overload condition, including a short circuit.
  • Real time current monitor
    • 5V and 12V currents are monitored separately. The data received from the monitor not only serves as a short-circuit protection, but also used for hard drive diagnostics (to detect motor damage, burnt circuits, etc). Atola Insight includes a current monitor (oscilloscope) that allows the operator to keep an eye on hard drive power consumption levels.
  • Emergency stop button
    • This button is used to terminate current operation immediately (in case when something goes terribly wrong). Available only in DiskSense USB.
  • Buzzer and LED indicators
    • DiskSense informs you about finishing a long operation (or in case of an error) with an on-board buzzer. LED indicators display the status of the HDD power, operation/error status, IDE/SATA activity (BUSY/DATA), and RS-232 port activity.
  • Write protection switch
    • The switch when it’s turned on is used to guarantee that Atola Insight will never allow a write operation against source drive. Both units have this switch.