Geisha (Test/Wipe/Repair)

Test/Wipe/Repair Diagnostic Tool

Drives can pass a manufacturer’s SMART tests and still cause skipping, image defects and other problems.  The Geisha 3.0 lifetime expectancy tests applies specific tests to segregate drives suitable for a streaming media application (set-top box, digital cinema, etc.).

It works with any MFG ATA/IDE, S-ATA, and SCSI* 3.5″ – 2.5″ – 1.8″ – 1.0″ – 0.85″ size Hard Drive (All PIO/UDMA Modes, All Narrow/Wide/SCA, and Serial ATA Modes). It gives the wide range of Test functions for determining hard drive integrity and life expectancy (Quick Test, Comprehensive Test, Running Test, Sector Evaluation, Read-Write-Read-Compare, Random Seek, All Verify)

  • Identifies bad sectors by LBA address and progressive MB%
  • Quick Test function for Hard Drive evaluation in 30-120 seconds. Runs more tests in less time compared to leading software test programs (eg: Western Digital and Seagate test programs)
  • Performs SMART Data list and analysis commands (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology)
    (record and analyze raw SMART Data or program the Geisha to automatically evaluate SMART Data)
  • Bad Sector Repair functions (automatic Sector Reallocation and Clip (HPA) function)
    (Notes: Reallocation is a permanent repair measure per sector. Clip function may significantly reduce Hard Drive capacity)
  • Low Level Format function for secure data erasure (1 time overwrite of each Hard Drive sector)
    (Input any HEX values (E5, 00, FF, Ji2Ecetc) for overwrite procedure)
  • Various Hard Drive Wipe (erase) methods according to ANY method or protocol (multi-pass HEX overwrite)
    (DOD5220.00M, HIPAA, British Standard 7799, ISO17799, 30 second (500mb) wipe or any custom method)
  • Adjustable Parameters for every function (tailor each operation to your specific needs)
  • Software Host and Reporting System controls Geisha and creates log files for data monitoring and archiving
    (data is updated and viewable in real time).
  • Network up to 4 units to make a single 16-Port unit (control through host computer)
  • Automate any combination of Test/Erase/Repair functions (one push-of-a-button)
    ( Example: Set a task chain for Quick Test>> Erase >> Repair Bad Sectors)