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Ninja Kaze

ninja kaze

  • Fastest processing speed in industry (2-5 GB/min).
  • Works for any MFG ATA/IDE, SATA 3.5″ – 2.5″ – 1.8″ – 1.0″ – 0.85″ size Hard Drive
    (All PIO/UDMA Modes and Serial ATA Modes)
  • Stand-alone or PC-controlled operation
  • Adjustable Parameters: tailor each operation to your specific needs
  • Software Host and Reporting System: controls the Ninja and creates log files for data monitoring and archiving
  • Reliable Write Protection: ensure Master data is not altered during duplication or testing
  • Data Recovery Copy functions: extract all usable data from damaged or unstable hard drives)
  • Hard Drive Recognition: for recovering hard drives that cannot be seen by PC BIOS
    Note: cannot recover hard drives with full power failure, firmware corruption or physical damage
  • Bad Sector Repair functions (automatic Sector Reallocation and Clip (HPA) function)
    (Notes: Reallocation is a permanent repair measure per sector. Clip function may significantly reduce Hard Drive capacity)
  • Complete HPA/DCO control: add/remove existing HPA or remove DCO
  • Test All Hard Drives During Copy for in-depth quality control with no extra time or effort invested
    (Incoming and Outgoing inspection for hard drive access time, running speed, bad sectors and SMART Attributes)
  • Wide range of Test functions for determining hard drive integrity and life expectancy
    (Quick Test, Comprehensive Test, Running Test, Sector Evaluation, Read-Write-Read-Compare, Random Seek, All Verify)
    (Identifies bad sectors by LBA address and progressive MB%)
  • Quick Test function for Hard Drive evaluation in 30-120 seconds. Runs more tests in less time compared to leading software test programs (eg: Western Digital and Seagate test programs)
  • Performs SMART Data list and analysis commands (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology)
    (Record and analyze raw SMART Data or program the Ninja to automatically evaluate SMART Data)
  • Low Level Format function for secure data erasure (1 time overwrite of each Hard Drive sector)
    Input any HEX values (E5, 00, FF, Ji2…etc) for overwrite procedure)
  • Various Hard Drive Wipe (erase) methods according to ANY method or protocol (multi-pas HEX overwrite)
    (DOD5220.00M, HIPAA, British Standard 7799, ISO17799, 30 second (500mb) wipe or any custom method)
  • Sector-to-Sector Copy: produce identical disk duplicates
  • YEC Smart Copy System copy: only used disk space to save copy time
    Industry’s only data-only copy system for any Operating System and files structure. All partitions and System Files are copied)
  • CRC Compare: verify data after copy
  • Cross-Interface Copy: allows the user to copy between any interface (ATA-SATA, SATA-ATA, etc)