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Rack System

Rack System

The hardware-based Rack System is a fully customizable system that can meet any customer’s needs, with respect to number of ports, interface types, operations, RMA ratio, etc. Compared to similar systems, the Rack System provides the most flexibility and the best return of investment. There are three main cost savings factors to consider with the Rack System: configurability, reliability, and detection.

Because the Rack System is a custom built hardware-based system, it’s very reliable. With minimal moving parts, very few items become damaged over time. In most cases, only wear items, such as interface and power cables, need to be replaced, which greatly reduces costly downtime.

Unlike software solutions, the Rack System does not rely on a PC BIOS to detect connected hard drives. Without relying on the BIOS, the operator is able to customize timeouts, retry counts, and other identification parameters to allow weak and unstable hard drives more time to be detected, which is not possible in software solutions. A higher detection rate results in more drives being able to be processed and a higher output ratio.

  • Supports any brand SAS, ATA/IDE, SATA*, and SCSI* 3.5″ – 2.5″ – 1.8″ – 1.0″ – 0.85″ size Hard Drive*
  • Hard Drive Analysis capabilities for accurately determining hard drive life expectancy
    (S.M.A.R.T. testing, customized Seek testing, etc)
  • Automatic Bad Sector Repair to prolong HDD lifespan
    (Bad sector reallocation, HPA control)
  • Wide range of Logical Hard Drive Test functions to guarantee HDD integrity
  • Every Rack System is Built To Order, so every system will meet the customer’s specific needs
  • Customizable to support any Hard Drive Wipe (erase) sequence for secure data destruction
    (Low Level Format, HIPAA, DoD, NSA, NIST, etc etc)
  • Ability to send any ATA command for Task Customization
    (Create any possible function or chain of functions to create the most productive command sequence for your application)
  • Custom Reporting System for logging and inventory management
  • Available Auto Loaders (plug-in fixtures) for increased speed and efficiency in high-output environments
  • Independent Power Control to allow for complete channel isolation
  • Custom One-Push Button Operations to allow for customizable operations at the push of a button
Ji2 Rack System Competitor
Price Per Port
  • 30% less than the competion (per port)
  • 30% more than Ji2 Rack System
  • Great customer service
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free lifetime support (phone/email/web)
  • No licensing fees
  • Great customer service
  • 365 days (one year)
  • 90 days
  • Low long-term maintenance costs
  • More maintenance costs than the Rack System
Features & Performance
  • Customizable to fit customer’s needs
  • Independent ports (faster transfer rates and better error handling)
  • Easy to use Host Software (performs logging, reporting, and provides the ability to import custom scripts)
  • Unique features available to suit customer’s needs
  • Complex PC-based technology (which imposes certain limits because of the systems underlying BIOS and OS)
  • User friendly GUI
  • Logging and reporting capabilities are limited
Size & Weight
  • Average: 300lbs
  • Compact and light-weight design for easy transportation
  • 2,000lbs (one ton)