Atola Bandura

Bandura is a forensic standalone 2-port hard disk duplication and diagnosis tool. Bandura allows fast HDD duplication, automatic testing, comparison, and secure data wiping. It does not require a PC; the only thing it needs is a 100–240V AC power socket. Bandura can work with damaged disk drives and handles bad sectors properly. The tool features an intuitive touch screen user interface that allows launching any task in just 2 touches.


  • Full color touch screen interface
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Logging onto external USB flash drive
  • Upgreadable firmware for new freature addition
  • Technically capable of duplication speeds above 16 GB/min (265 MB/s)
  • Up to 8 GB/min (135MB/s) achieved on modern hard drives
  • Linear and reverse imaging
  • Multi-pass imaging
  • Automatic soft & hard reset
  • Adjustable automatic power cycles
  • Ability to stop/resume duplication sessions
  • Ability to specify custom pattern for unreadable sectors
  • Copying of only used sectors
  • Technically capable of drive comparison speeds above 12 GB/min (200 MB/s)
  • Up to 7 GB/min (115MB/s) achieved on modern hard drives
  • Hardware wirte protection for source drive
  • MD5, SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA256, SHA 384 and SHA512 Hash Calculation for data verification in forensic data acquisition
  • Head stack diagnosis
  • Media diagnosis
  • File system/partition checkup
  • PCB checkup
  • Firmware/SMART checkup
  • Media Scan (up to 18GB/min)
  • Technically capable of wipe speeds above 17 GB/min (280 MB/s)
  • Up to 8 GB/min (135MB/s) achieved on modern hard drives
  • LBA number in each sector
  • Full Range of Data Erasure Options (Zero, non-zero, custimzable patterns, Sercurity Erase, NIST and DoD erase)