Adroit Photo Forensics

Adroit Photo Forensics is one of the most advanced and most actively developed products in the industry. Adroit Photo Forensics adds unique new features to help speed-up investigations even more.

Daubert Standard and Frye Standard

The Daubert standard is a set of criteria that governs the admissibility of expert witnesses’ testimony and scientific evidence during federal legal proceedings in the United States. The Frye Standard holds that expert testimony must be based on scientific methods that are sufficiently established and accepted. Here we answer how Adroit Photo Forensics meets the Daubert and Frye standards to the best of our knowledge.


Digital media is a hostile environment for a forensic investigator. Idiosyncrasies in file systems, operating system abstractions, application and user activities can make recovering and interpreting photo evidence a laborious process. Adroit Photo Forensics uses the most advanced and most actively developed carver in the industry. SmartCarving™ takes the pain out of collecting photo evidence from a disk image.


Searching and filtering images is fundamentally different from document. SmartFiltering™ helps separate the wheat from the chaff. Filter based on photo content using some of the most efficient and powerful algorithms designed.


Recover that crucial piece of evidence using GuidedCarving™. On the rare occasions when the SmartCarving™ algorithm takes a misstep you can use GuideCarving™ to easily put it back on track! Ever wished you could put together every shred of photos from a disk? Well, now you can.

Batch Processing

One of the most requested features is the ability to process multiple disk images and/or cases in batches. Adroit introduces an easy-to-use, hands-off batch processing feature with this release. Load. Set. Review.


Not only does Adroit makes it easy to find what you need but also makes is easy to report your findings. The new report generator makes creating detailed reports a snap!

Adroit Photo Forensics (Brief Demo)

Adroit Photo Forensics (Carving Capability Demo)