1:10 Disk Duplicator

This series represents a new generation of high-speed, production-grade hard drive duplication systems. This ten-target system possesses many advanced, new features and is especially engineered for high volume production. It supports UDMA-5 transfer speeds for cloning IDE, EIDE, UDMA, & SATA drives at over 4GB/min. Intuitive navigation is easy with a sealed, “paper-white” fine-touch screen. The Omniclone’s visual Light Stack provides ongoing status visibility which frees up the user for additional workloads. The device also offers an optional Database software program that enables the user to scan and log hard drive cloning sessions which include hard drive make, model, serial number and firmware revison. All information and current system software release is stored on the 64MB compact flash card.

The Hard Drive Duplicator is fully compatible with all operating systems including Windows 8. There is no match of this device for hard drive duplication.