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Hard Drive PCB Details

Below Hard Drive Boards (PCBs) are in stock and can be dispatched immediately after order:

HDD MakeBoard NumberIn Stock (QTY.)Pay Online
Seagate100535537 REV A0
Seagate100535537 REV C0
Seagate100535704 REV C8
Seagate100535704 REV D0
Seagate100536501 REV B9
Seagate100574451 REV B19
Simmtronics2060-701640-007 REV A1
Simmtronics2060-771698-002 REV P11
Western Digital2060-771961-001 REV B6
B 0W30317 01 94V-0 ML1
2060-001159-006 REV A1
2060-001047-001 REV A1
100255136 REV D1
PANCO REV 06BF41-00068A1