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CompactFlash Duplicator

The CFD400 is a compact, easy-to-use duplicator for Compact Flash technology.

It copies 1 flash drive to 4 targets at 3-5 minutes per GB with no need to reset the machine between copies (plug and go). The CFD400 is the most efficient low-cost solution on the market for CF.

This unit is very much useful for mobile device product units and specific users who develop the devices based on compact flash.

  • 250-350 mb/min data transfer speed (3-5 minutes per GB)
  • LCD panel for status and task management
  • Supports any Operating System or File Structure
  • Copies any Brand and Model PIO mode Compact Flash Card
  • Compare function for data verification
  • No Speed Lag when copying 4 cards at once
  • Erase function for secure data destruction