A Group of Cyber Security Specialists

Cyber Lab Examiner – I

Cyber Lab Examiner - I by Secure India

Course contents of Cyber Lab Examiner – I (CLE – I):

  1. Cyber Space – A Virtual Weapon
  2. Overview of Cyber Crimes & Emerging trends in Cyber Crimes
  3. Roles of Cyber Cafes in Cyber Crimes
  4. Why Digital Evidence Analysis is Important?
  5. Use of Technology in Committing and Detection of Crimes
  6. Email Investigation
  7. Search & Seizure of Digital Evidence
  8. Mobile Phone Crime Investigation
  9. Call Data Records (CDR) Analysis
  10. Difficulties in Handling Cyber Crimes
  11. Cyber Forensics Tools
  12. IT Act 2000 & IT (Amendment) Act, 2008