SubRosaSoft is a software development firm based in Fremont, California.

Founded in 2002, SubRosaSoft specialized in privacy related and system utilities. SubRosaSoft’s design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software. Our software range includes security, file and device management, home security, forensics, and data and device recovery. Our users range from entry-level Mac users and hobbyists to system administrators, consultants, and forensics professionals.

SubRosaSoft works very closely with law enforcement professionals around the world. This range of software is intended for digital forensics professionals who perform investigations on Mac OS X computers. Our technology helps you find the critical evidence in a timely manner whilst protecting the integrity of your evidence.

Our solutions (MacForensicLab and MacLockPick) allow you to make exact copies of your suspect’s devices, capture passwords, and to sift through the large volumes of evidence you are presented with each day.

FileSalvage is an extremely powerful Macintosh application for exploring and recovering deleted files from a drive or volume. FileSalvage is designed to restore files that have been accidentally deleted, unreadable due to media faults or stored on a drive before it was re-initialized/formatted.