A Group of Cyber Security Specialists


Cyber Security Technologies is the innovation leader in powerful, simple but affordable software solutionsfor forensic-quality investigations of computer systems.

Technology for computer investigations is an emerging market segment within the IT security field, adding a major new dimension of protection and response to enterprise security.

Our flagship product, the Online Digital Forensic Suite (OnLineDFS), is a software application for network-based, real-time investigations of live, running computer systems.We are unique in that our patented architecture enables investigations of live computers without the deployment of pre-installed agents. This gives IT security professionals and investigators enterprise-wide reach without adding any enterprise infrastructure, making OnLineDFS a highly cost-effective, plug-and-play, low-maintenance investigative solution.

OnLineDFS is an excellent next step in IT security and incident response when firewalls, network forensics products, SIEM products or similar security technologies flag an issue which requires host-level investigation. OnLineDFS is also a valuable solution for compliance applications, e-discovery data collection, and law enforcement.

We also provide two other extraordinary products – P2P Marshal and Mac Marshal – which lead the industry in incorporating investigative automation and analytical intelligence into forensic software.These products automate and greatly accelerate the investigation and analysis of two especially challenging investigative situations.

P2P Marshal is an automated application to discover and analyze peer-to-peer (P2P) usage.P2P file sharing networks are a growing security issue. These networks are a widely used method of sharing information on the Internet, including pirated and illegal material. Thesenetworks are also used as an illicit point of entry to compromise enterprise network security.P2P Marshal is an invaluable investigator productivity tool to accelerate these investigations. P2P Marshal is available as software-only for the investigations of hard drive images, and on a flash drive for investigations of live computers as well as images.

Mac Marshal is an analytical forensics software product to automate investigations of computers running the Mac OS X operating system. Mac Marshal automatically detects OS X and Windows operating systems and virtual machine images, and provides the investigator with an array of automated information-gathering and analytical tools to extract Mac specific forensic evidence from the operating system, the hard drive, and from Mac applications such as Mail, Safari, iChat, Address Book and QuickTime Player.