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Belkasoft Evidence Center

Belkasoft Evidence Center is the most recent, patent-pending powerful computer forensics product by Belkasoft. This product makes it easy for an investigator to search, analyze and store digital evidence found in Instant Messenger histories, Internet Browser histories, Email Client mailboxes, Social Network remnants, Picture and Video files.

Major features

  • All major Instant Messengers (Windows and MacOS), Browsers and Email clients supported
  • Image and Video files analysis for pornography, faces and text available
  • Analyzed information persistently stored in the database
  • Evidence stored broken by cases
  • Deleted history retrieval supported
  • Encase, SMART and DD images can be mounted, including Windows and MacOS drives
  • Live memory analysis available, including hibernation and page files analysis
  • Huge cases (e.g. containing several 10Gb mailboxes) supported
  • Enterprise edition allows for simultaneous work of multiple users