Internship Programs

Learn Lead Training Digital Forensic Training by Secure India

We offer internship programs for below mentioned candidates:

  1. Junior, senior or graduate school level at an accredited university
  2. Hands on session/Practical session for scientists
  3. Live Case investigation programs for Forensic Investigators
  4. Products/Equipment training for Sales representatives
  5. Computer security and Computer Forensic understanding for IT/no-IT professionals

Note: We receive thousands of applications from all over the world for internships. If you are the one applying for Internship in Secure India; we want to make it clear that it is hard to provide seats to everyone.

You are lucky if you have received confirmation from our team for your internship. If you didn’t get Confirmation then don’t feel disappointed; we have started Web Series Internship programs. Please Click Here and fill your details, our Web Series Team will contact you with updates.