A Group of Cyber Security Specialists


  1. Hard Disk Imaging
  2. Computer Forensic Analysis
  3. Forensic Data Collection from Crime Scene
  4. Tax Controversy and Financial Fraud Investigation
  5. Asset Tracing and Recovery
  6. E-Discovery
  7. Internet or Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Blogger etc.) Crime Investigation
  8. E-mail and IP address Tracing
  9. Password Recovery
  10. MMS Clip Examination & Verification
  11. Audio Video authentication
  12. Over Billing Schemes Analysis
  13. Business Intelligence and Open Source Intelligence
  14. Data Recovery
  15. Data Erasure Services
  16. Virus Attack & Hacking Investigation
  17. Mobile Device, Website and Email Security
  18. Document and Signatures Verification
  19. Computer and Network Security Implementation
  20. Software Piracy Detection
  21. Searching Specific Keyword or Term in Computer Disks
  22. Tracking User Activity on Computer
  23. Expert witness and testimony
  24. User History and other related fields
  25. Target (Child, Spouse, Vehicle) Tracking
  26. Compromised Cell phone Analysis
  27. Digital Data Conversion/Digital India