eDiscovery Process

  • Data Identification, Data Preservation & Data Collection

Locating and preserving data is not so easy, including searching through volumes of information to locate the potentially relevant, safeguarding it for future use, and avoiding inadvertent evidence spoliation.You need significant planning and the right equipment and training to ensure your data identification and preservation methodology is defensible.

Whether your collection needs are small or large, straight forward or complex, Our collection experts can adeptly handle your data while adhering to strict chain-of-custody best practices.

  • Data analysis and early case assessment

Early Case Assessment: The early case assessment process helps you make an informed decision about whether to settle or whether to fight a case in court. Having visibility into the statistics of the collected data enables you to consider the risk, cost, and time that may be required to assemble the necessary evidence.

  • Data processing and document review

Our world-class facilities and technologies have the capacity to process a greater volume of data more quickly than any other service provider. Further, SECURE INDIA (SI) employs advanced filtering techniques to narrow the volume of data for review and organize the information in a meaningful manner.

We process virtually any data type, including legacy, back-up data, nonstandard e-mail formats and multilingual data – regardless of language.

  • Metadata extraction from digital files.
  • Searchable database creation.
  • De-duplication and management of multiple file versions.
  • Data production and presentation

The production of electronic data has presented challenges in the discovery process to the degree that specific rules have been drafted, commented on and redrafted to address the issues.