Electronic Evidence Collection Centre

Electronic Evidence Collection Centre Secure India

We, Secure India have come up with a Electronic Evidence Collection Centre (EC)² that will let you emerge as a successful entrepreneur in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics sector…

Secure India (SI) is a well established company in the field of cyber crime investigation & cyber security. It helps Government and Enterprises to effectively deal with prevention and resolution of Cyber, Computer, Internet, Telecommunication, Information and Digital Security related threats, risks, incidents, vulnerability and crimes in India and Internationally.

Cyber security & digital forensic deals in most advanced segment of cyber technology, hence, it requires high-end infrastructure backed by a team of experts. Our team is not just a simple IT team they all are masters in their domains i.e. computer forensics, mobile forensics, e-discovery services, identification of corporate frauds, reputation management, open source intelligence searches and investigation of internet crimes.

Our innovative team also have the mastery to establish or setup the cyber security and digital forensic investigation centres. They all have couple of year’s hands-on experience of setting up such labs and capability centres.

We welcome Entrepreneurs who are willing to invest Part time into the venture to generate the extra income to qualify the goals of our Electronic Evidence Collection Centre (EC)². 

Role of Electronic Evidence Collection Centre (EC)²

  • Collection: (EC)² Staff have to collect the evidence from the client. Incase of client doesn’t want to handover original evidence/media; (EC)² Staff has to do Forensic duplication of evidence and needs to take the signature of client on duplication report.
  • Seizure: Evidence handling the most important part of Forensic Examination. After Evidence Collection/Duplication (EC)² Staff needs to seize it in anti-static casing.
  • Shipping: (EC)² Staff needs to ship the evidence to Forensic Examination Lab.
  • Report Delivery: Examination report submission to client also handled by (EC)² Staff.

(EC)² will get access to our below offerings:

Services Privilege

The Centre will be authorized to sale our services to their clients. There is huge demand of these services in market. The services can be offered within the district only of Collection Centre.


  • Training will be given for evidence collection, seizure and handling
  • Totally independent business program to get the fastest growth in revenue
  • An alliance with a market leader
  • Exceptional profit margins
  • Free technical support & priority hot line access to support & service
  • Lead referral and lead generation programs
  • Extensive marketing support
  • Free product literature and promotional items